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When three young Rebels board a derelict ship looking for supplies to scavenge, they find something else entirely. Out in the deep, uncharted territory they find Riley, a woman frozen in stasis for ten years. They also find her companion, an alien creature which Riley calls her sister. Riley not so politely takes command of the Hijo, the Rebel’s small salvage ship, and changes their plans. It quickly becomes apparent to the hapless youngsters that Riley isn’t entirely human anymore.

With the strange, rude woman as their new Captain, the Hijo sets off toward adventure.Riley has three missions:One, get back her ship. Two, get revenge on the people responsible for what has happened to her. Three, find her wife and pick up where she left off, ten years ago. An action sci-fi with a strong female protagonist*, a diverse and lovable cast of young rebels, plenty of rowdy fun, gratuitous violence, cursing, weird sexiness**, space pirates, explosions, science experiments, and a bunch of flesh eating monsters. What more could you want?


*Protagonist may or may not be a complete jerk.

**Weird sexiness may or may not be due to protagonist.

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