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Thirty years after the near extinction of mankind, small pockets of survivors hide away behind fortified walls. Only the Runner braves the world outside…In the wake of a viral outbreak, those who remain live in huge forts, guarded from the nocturnal Infected and roaming gangs of bandits. Kara, a Runner – an individual who travels by foot between the forts to deliver supplies – never wanted to settle in a walled community. To her, they are death traps, just waiting for an inevitable wall breach. She longs to return to the life of a Rover – a gun for hire driving a large, armored vehicle. When her lover's fort sends an SOS and is found empty the next day, Kara chooses to search for the missing people, alone. She encounters abandoned, crumbling cities, marauders, mindless infected, and cults of fanatical survivors. She also discovers that there is more to the Infected than she could have ever imagined.To stop moving is to die. To run is to survive.

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