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While on a supply run for the Resistance, Riley, Mina, Marcus, and Daniel receive a strange SOS from a close ally. Something is definitely not as it seems, and their investigation leaves them with more questions than answers. It appears a ghost from Riley’s past has risen to haunt her—one she cannot ignore. If she didn’t kill him the first time, she will now.

In another part of the galaxy, a high-level prisoner of the Dominion escapes and attacks an Alliance of Truth colony, starting a war between the two empires. Meanwhile, Marcus’s Psion energy detector picks up a powerful surge rippling across the galaxy, and there are alarming signs that Mitra Ahlamana - The Dove - is alive.

As their goals threaten to pull them in opposite directions, the crew of the Ring-Runner are faced with a difficult choice.

How will they face the shadows of their pasts, and will their bonds survive what is to come?

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